Montego Bay Food & Culture Tour Sample authentic Jamaican food and drinks while learning the history of our unique dishes and culinary influences. Visit some of Montego Bay's best restaurants while interactivly learning about Jamaica's foods and culture. $110us & save 25% was $137.50
Montego Bay Hip-Strip Walking Tour Enjoy Montego Bay’s most popular road known as the Hip-Strip. Home to some of Jamaica’s best restaurants, entertainment and shopping. See Montego Bay's magnificent beaches and sites while we take you on a taste adventure like no other in Jamaica $75us
Cooking Classes Get up close and personal in our culinary classes with a hands on experience. Our Chef's will have you cooking Jamaican dishes like a pro. Cook, taste and learn ingredients to some truly amazing dishes. See what makes our food so amazing!
Mountain Nyam & River Jam Enjoy cooking on the river while listening to the music of Maroon drummers who's ancestors date back to the 16th century. Authentic Jamaican food with a natural vibe. You can also have limestone massage on a bambo river raft. Sample naturally grown and cooked dishes for the ultimate Taste Adventure... $145us BOOK NOW *MINIMUM OF FIVE PEOPLE
Falmouth Dinner & Luminous Lagoon Boat Tour One of Jamaica's most profound towns, it is know for having running water before New York City. Experience dinner and a tour of the beautiful Luminous Lagoon that lights up at night on this Taste Adventure... Learn More Click Here